5 Cannabis-Related Businesses We Should See in 2020

5 Cannabis-Related Businesses We Should See in 2020

As we roll into what people are calling “the Blazin’ 20s,” here are 5 cannabis-related businesses I would love to see more of – especially in Southwest Florida.

Cannabis Kitchens

The first cannabis-related business I want to see more of are kitchens that allow people to come in and cook food to go. In states that don’t offer recreational use, maybe they can require a license like a bar does. Creating cannabis-infused gourmet meals and treats is just about the most exciting thing I can think of right now. Second only to eating them! Unfortunately, most cannabis enthusiasts can’t do this at home because they live in non 420-friendly housing. I mean, they can try, but the smell will probably get the cops called on them.

So where should an aspiring cannabis chef go if they want to cook something great? Or start learning how to use it in food? I don’t know about you, but I would gladly pay a monthly fee to join a private cannabis kitchen club. Especially if there was a professional onsite to make sure things go smoothly. I’m sure there are people who would love a place where they get into cannabis cooking without fear of being evicted.

420-Friendly Housing

On the topic of leasing and cannabis, some landlords will threaten to evict cardholders for having cannabis in their unit. If you can’t use your medicine outside or inside your own home, where should you go? Some would say to move, but that’s not an option for many Americans. That said, I’d like to see more cannabis-related businesses focus on giving patients peace of mind as they take their medicine. There are very few things more scary than going to jail for taking medicine that you need (and are legally permitted to take).

More apartments should embrace the needs of patients and offer amenities that people would love while high. A relaxing 24-hour yoga space with paintings from local artists would be nice. At the very least, make exceptions for cardholders if they can prove that it is still active. A place like that would be my top choice if ever apartment hunting.

Cannabis Coloring

The third cannabis-related business I would like to see more of deals with happy hours and coloring. You know those sip and paint parties? That’s what I’m talking about, but swap the wine with cannabis and the paint with crayons. Think about it, when’s the last time you colored something?! Now, when was the last time you colored with cannabis?

Maybe you can start hosting coloring events where cannabis use is allowed. Whether high or not, I absolutely love adult coloring. For those of you in Chicago, check out MobiColor. It’s a really cool company started by a fellow Hoya. They launched with the goal of bringing creativity, culture, and, relevancy into peoples’ lives through coloring. If you want to support their business, check out their site and get yourself a coloring book today!

Cannabis Fitness Centers

After reading about Ricky Williams’ Power Plant “the world’s first weed gym,” a few years ago, I was interested in knowing more about the effects of cannabis on working out. While I don’t constantly workout high, I definitely hit the gym sometimes after a light smoking session and enjoyed the experiences. What if there was a place that offered cannabis guided workouts, yoga or even mini golf? I’d sign up real fast, especially if they offered a $30 for 30 days type of deal.

420-friendly hotels

Obviously, I don’t expect receptionists at places like The Gabriel in Miami to check me in, hand me a joint and offer up a massage before I head to my rooftop room. However, it would be great to find more hotels allowing cannabis use in cities that have either medical or recreational laws in place. (FYI, the Gabriel in Miami has an amazing spa….and you should 100% visit).

What do you think of these cannabis-related businesses and ideas?

If you already know of someone doing any of these, comment below with their website link to get their name out there!

While these are just a few random thoughts I had this week, I’d love to know if you have something to add. Do you have another idea you think should be put on the list of cannabis businesses we ought to see more of in 2020? Comment below and let me know what you think!

To the future business owners, whether you decide to launch one of these five ideas or something else, I wish you all the best and would love to know what you do in 2020. Comment below with something you’d like to launch.

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