Cannabis, Rosemary & Thyme Infused Olive Oil


I’ve always been a fan of infusing things – water, oil, butter, etc – rosemary olive oil being among my favorite. So why did it take so long to realize that cannabis infused olive oil could also have rosemary!? 

After seeing a beautiful photo of cannabis, rosemary & thyme oil on IG, I decided to go looking for a recipe to share with anyone else who would like to try it. 

After reading several recipes, The Herb Somm seems to have the best one.

As usual when sharing other bloggers recipes, I will provide the things you need to get here and a link taking you to her website for the full directions. 


1 ounce (28.3 grams) cannabis flower, trim or shake

6 cups olive oil 

Materials Needed:

1 large pot (Preferably a Slow Cooker)




Glass bottle or jar with airtight lid to store

Full Directions:

Click Here to get the directions @theherbsomm

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