Hemp Biofuels: The Pros and Cons

For decades now, the debate on traditional fossil fuels versus biofuels has been raging. It’s the dueling ideas of remaining with the comfortable and familiar or switching to something revolutionary and new. As we and the planet take this unexpected time to rest and reflect, perhaps one of our reflections should be what we can do to better improve our world and how we live in it. Perhaps this is the perfect time to reconsider some of our current methods of living and find other more sustainable paths that are beneficial for us and our environment. Are there better alternatives to the choices we have been making? And one of the questions to consider is what the pros and cons are of switching to biofuels, and hemp biofuels in particular. Hemp Biofuels: The Pros and Cons The Cons First,...

Raspberry-Orange Cannabis Cupcakes!

Hello everyone! I made this recipe to give everyone something sweet to do for this upcoming 04/20! If you want to learn how to make these AWESOME crumble cupcakes then check out the recipe & video on my blog @ https://www.sweetleihs.com/post/raspberry-orange-cannabis-cupcakes-04-20-20-special Happy Baking!

How Vertical Integration Failed FL Patients & Cannabis Businesses

How Florida’s Vertical Integration System Failed Patients and Businesses Most of us will hear the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” at least a hundred times in our lifetimes.  Unfortunately, it seems that we have not yet collectively applied that insight to cannabis. Too often we meet people who believe cannabis is bad because it is federally illegal. Then, those same people flip flop when their state offers a medical cannabis program. This is exactly what we saw when Florida approved the sale of medicinal cannabis through a vertical integration system. For those unfamiliar with Florida’s vertical integration, it is a system that limits the number of companies allowed to hold a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) license and sell cannabis within the State. MMTC licensees must ...