It’s a psychedelic, y’all!


So having been a chronic user for a while, I recently decided to take a “T break” (aka a break from THC, to allow my tolerance to return to normal.) After 3 weeks, I consumed via inhalation a 98% potent THCa extract and experienced the most profound and influential trip of my life. Having tried other psychedelics, I was reminded that cannabis is in that way very much the same. I experienced ego death, confronted my own mortality, saw myself on a deeper level and found solitude and grounding from this. It makes me thankful and excited that cannabis is so much more readily accessible than it ever has been, and is legal in more and more places. It’s critical that people are afforded the opportunity to experience the perspective that this psychedelic has to offer, as it will allow people to sit with the truth of who they are and the part they play in society. Given enough exposure this will begin to offer change to the status quo. To those who are chronic users, I offer a challenge to reset your tolerance and dive into the deep end. To those who have not experienced this yet, I recommend finding a guide for the journey that awaits you. 

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Luke Warm
Cannabis enthusiast & aspiring healer.

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