Master Kush Flower


This flower did not disappoint! So far, each eighth I’ve purchased have contained two – three glorious, fluffy, beautiful buds, and Master Kush was no different. The buds smell fresh and dank, and the effects pack a serious punch.

Smell/taste: Earthy and dank with a but of citrus on the exhale

Effects: This one’s a creeper, guys. Proceed with caution! The first hit was smooth on the inhale and took about ten minutes to reach peak effect. With each moment, I felt a gentle body effect as the muscles in my arms and legs released all tension. Hit two provided powerful pain-relief in my muscles and neck, followed by that good ol’ “In-da-couch” feeling.

This bud boasts high levels of THC for an Indica-heavy strain – at 24%, the effects provided a surprising amount of heaviness behind the eyes, accompanied by a pleasant buzz in the head and shoulders which gradually trailed off into a beautifully-balanced, even high that lasted several hours and offered the perfect lead-in to a restful night of sleep.

So far, these growers have impressed me with their flower – all the strains I’ve tried so far have gorgeous, balanced effects in both head and body. Can’t wait to try more!

  • Flower
  • Master Kush
  • 100% Indica
  • 24% THC

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Lea Holz
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